Can a board member vote by proxy?

Answer Usually, a board member can vote owner's allocated interest in member vote matters by using a proxy: board votes on board matters by proxy are not allowed. Your state law covering condominiums, or ... Read More »

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How do you vote in a member to a Board of directors?

Read your governing documents to understand the process. Usually, at the annual meeting, after candidates apply for a board position, the membership, made up of unit owners, votes on the candidate... Read More »

Can an ex officio member vote on a Board of Directors?

Your association's governing documents can answer this question, and if they are silent, the state law that covers the type of association involved, such as the state non-profit law will be clear. ... Read More »

Does Roberts Rules allow an exofficio member of a board to vote?

Roberts Rules of Order provides a structure for the conduct of board meetings. The question of whether an exofficio member of the board can vote is answered in your governing documents or state la... Read More »

If you are the president and interim manager of your condo can you still vote as a board member if you take the job permanently?

You can find the answer you want in your governing documents.Look for the section on voting.As an owner in good standing, you should be able to vote. As well, as an owner in good standing you shoul... Read More »