Can you take the eye from a living donor and transplant to a blind person ?

Answer I sure would be the first one on that list...I had cancer when I was 1 year old in my left eye and I lost sight so tragic...but I have one health eye and would love another. Damn...there's a lot of... Read More »

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If someone is blind, but not BORN blind, do they still dream as a sighted person?

we usually dream using the brain centers that have the information stored from previous experiences , so if she saw things before she got blind she will see those things in her dreams , some people... Read More »

How long will a organ last after a person has died, to be able to use for a transplant?

Utter nonsense 5 hours! Take liver transplantation. In the old days it was a case of a few hours maximum, but now, since the development of wisconsin fluid, the lead surgeons can have a full nights... Read More »

How to Walk With a Blind Person?

Ink Braille for One of Ms. Kathy's KidsPeople who are blind are perfectly capable of walking by themselves. However there are times when a sighted guide is required. The technique below is called t... Read More »

Can a person go blind with glaucoma?

On One Hand: Glaucoma Can Lead to BlindnessA person who has glaucoma (optic-nerve damage) can completely lose his vision (go totally blind) or develop problems that decrease vision, including blind... Read More »