Can a biology major become a nutritionist?

Answer A biology major can become a nutritionist. A nutritionist must hold a bachelor's degree in nutrition, dietetics or a related area, such as biology, as stipulated on the Degree Directory website. Ac... Read More »

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Colleges With a Nutritionist Major?

Nutritionists and dietitians are trained in the maintenance of human health through proper nutrition. Dietitians are more likely to be directly involved with patients in a clinical setting, while n... Read More »

Can I Become a Doctor With a Biology Major?

Before you can get into medical school, you must complete an undergraduate degree. Biology is a good choice for a major in that it exposes you to topics that will return in greater detail in medica... Read More »

Scholarships for a Biology Major?

Students with degrees in biology are able to find employment in a variety of occupations. Unfortunately, college educations are expensive, and paying for schooling can be difficult. Fortunately the... Read More »

Careers for an Integrative Biology Major?

Integrative biology (IB) majors research a wide variety of topics, including animal behavior, ecology, conservation biology, biomechanics, genetics and molecular evolution. According to the Univers... Read More »