Can a betta live in a fish tank with a light?

Answer Bettas can not only live in aquariums with lights, they actually need natural or artificial light to thrive. The website advises turning on the light for at least eight hours a day a... Read More »

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Can betta fish live with frogs?

You can safely keep your betta fish in the same aquarium with certain frogs, depending on the fish's demeanor. The African dwarf frog can live with a betta, though it requires special attention. Ob... Read More »

What live plants do you use with betta fish?

Plants are a natural part of a betta's environment. The fish use different types of vegetation for a variety of purposes. Plants add protection, breeding grounds and natural filtration to a betta's... Read More »

How to Clean a Betta Fish Tank?

Beautiful Betta fishIf you've got a Betta fish and a Betta fish tank, but you're not sure how to clean it, then this is the article for YOU.

How to Heat a Betta Fish Tank?

Bettas are tropical fish that thrive in a constant temperature of 78 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. A betta can live to be five years or older, yet many die early because they are put in small, unheated... Read More »