Can a belly ring affect a pregnancy?

Answer AnswerI think that a belly ring effect pregnancy because if it gets infected that it can hurt the baby and the baby will probley die from the infection then it will be the mothers fault for having ... Read More »

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Does a stinky belly button affect pregnancy?

I would only worry about a wound there, but even then I don't think it would affect Pregnancy.

IM ONLY 13 AND I WANT A BELLY RING !!How can i convince my PARENTS to let me get belly piercing?

same with me!heres what i tried and its kinda working:- printed out pics of people with belly button rings which look nice but not slutty- i bought a belly button ring and put it on my stomach to s... Read More »

Belly button ring help!!?

Don't worry you won't have to take it off. Just make sure you clean it really well with your sea salt soaks. The crusts are actually good of you didn't know. Your body is pushing out bad bacteria i... Read More »

Can i change my belly ring now?

I waited for four weeks but the piercer told me 3. It just depends on if your body feels comfortable with it. If it doesn't hurt then go for it and clean it 3 times a day.