Can a bearded dragon live on baby food?

Answer While experiencing stress such as the loss or gain of a cage-mate or a move to a new enclosure, bearded dragons may become finicky eaters. Supplementing their diet with certain types of baby food m... Read More »

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How long can a bearded dragon go without food?

Bearded dragons need to be fed three times a day while young. When fully grown, they need to be fed three or four times a week. Bearded dragons are omnivorous and require vegetables such as kale, l... Read More »

What is the scientific name for a baby bearded dragon?

The scientific name for a bearded dragon is Pagona vitticeps. There is no separate scientific name for baby bearded dragons. Babies measure between 1.5 and 2 inches in length. Adult bearded dragons... Read More »

Can bearded dragons eat human baby food?

Bearded Dragons are omnivorous and will eat just about anything. They can eat human baby food, in addition to their normal food, especially when young. They require a diet consisting of both vegeta... Read More »

How to Hold a Bearded Dragon?

Holding a bearded dragonDid you see the movie "Holes"? It pictures these strange and frightening creatures that puff up and attack! Those scary looking lizards are called bearded dragons. However, ... Read More »