Can a bar or restaurant charge your card for a tip without permission?

Answer On One Hand: Legally, They CannotBars and restaurants can only charge your credit card the amount written on your receipt. If you do not add a tip when signing the receipt, they cannot legally char... Read More »

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Can the bar or restaurant charge your card for a tip without a signature?

Most restaurants have procedures related to credit card transactions. It is legal for restaurants to charge a percentage of the total bill as a tip as long as there is either customer notification... Read More »

Can a business charge your credit card without your authorization?

On One Hand: It's IllegalIt's illegal for anybody to charge your credit card without authorization. Small charges should be challenged with your credit card company. Large charges constitute fraud,... Read More »

How to Lower Your Charge Card Interest Rates?

Major credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express want to remain competitive within the credit card industry. One way card issuers remain competitive is with low interest r... Read More »

Can a charge card affect your credit score?

On One Hand: It Can Raise Your ScoreThrough the proper use of a credit or charge card, a borrower can raise his credit score. Keeping the credit card balance less than 30 percent of the limit helps... Read More »