Can a bankruptcy trustee look at my bank account?

Answer Yes. A bankruptcy trustee's job is to administer your estate in bankruptcy and to make sure--in the case of a Chapter 7, or "straight" bankruptcy--that any assets you hold above a certain dollar a... Read More »

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Will My Bank Close My Account If I File Bankruptcy?

A typical fear of filing for bankruptcy might be that your bank or banks will close down your accounts. That's not true in most cases. It ultimately depends on your financial circumstances with you... Read More »

How Soon After a Bankruptcy Is Discharged Can I Open a Bank Account?

A personal bankruptcy filing can affect your ability to open bank accounts or obtain credit for a long time. Depending on the type of bankruptcy proceeding you elect, the information can stay on yo... Read More »

Can a creditor freeze my bank account after bankruptcy?

In a chapter 7 bankruptcy case, once a debtor receives a discharge, creditors are not allowed to initiate or continue legal action in regards to collecting the discharged debt. However, there certa... Read More »

Can a bankruptcy filing unfreeze a bank account?

On One Hand: Most Of The Time, YesAccording to the bankruptcy rules set by the U.S. courts, once bankruptcy is filed, all attempts to collect on debt included in the bankruptcy filing must stop. Th... Read More »