Can a bankruptcy stop a wage garnishment in Virginia?

Answer Bankruptcy filed in the United States is under federal court jurisdiction. Bankruptcy law protects debtors from wage garnishment once the petition for bankruptcy is filed and the automatic stay pro... Read More »

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How to Stop Wage Garnishment in Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy is a stressful and troubling time for all involved. You can lose both possessions (in the case of Chapter 7) and good credit. However, one of the good things about filing for bankruptcy ... Read More »

Wage Garnishment & Bankruptcy?

In the current state of the law, bankruptcy generally acts as a protection for debtors while wage garnishment is a collection method for creditors. Wage garnishment might cause a debtor to file ban... Read More »

Does Virginia Allow Wage Garnishment for Credit Card Debt?

Wage garnishment occurs when a creditor attaches a portion of a debtor's wages and the debtor's employer diverts that portion to the creditor. A credit card company can obtain a judgment against a ... Read More »

How do I Stop Wage Garnishment?

Wage garnishment occurs as a result of a court order requiring an employer to withhold a certain percentage of an employee's earnings as payment for a debt. Any debt can be subject to wage garnishm... Read More »