Can a bankruptcy affect an employment search?

Answer On One Hand: Bankrutcy Can Effect An Employment SearchMost employers will do a credit check as part of the background check, so they will know about your bankruptcy. Many businesses steer clear of ... Read More »

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Does Self-Employment Affect Car Insurance?

If you're self-employed, an important consideration is the type of auto insurance you carry. Not having the proper coverage can leave you vulnerable to a lawsuit; your insurance carrier may also ha... Read More »

How to Search Employment History for Free?

Employment history is important especially when doing a background check on a potential employee. It is imperative that an employer verifies all information written on the applicant’s resume to s... Read More »

What Are Various Employment Laws Which Affect HR Decisions & Actions?

The human resource department is responsible for compliance of a multitude of employment- and workplace-related laws. Most human resource managers also are responsible for training other key manage... Read More »

Can bankruptcy affect my CPA?

A bankruptcy has no effect on your ability to hold a CPA license, as the two are mutually exclusive. A bankruptcy will also have no effect on your ability to register to take the CPA exam and has n... Read More »