Can a bank mortgage company take your tax refund?

Answer If the bank (creditor) is not the government (the government can impose a tax levy), they cannot take all of your earnings. A creditor can only seize 25 percent of disposable earnings. If you prove... Read More »

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Can a direct tv company take money out of your bank acount without your permission?

Apparently so because they took it out of mine. Every person in their company tells me something different. It will be refunded in 3-5 bsiness days (3 people told me) after 3-5 business days one pe... Read More »

How long does it take a bank to decide a mortgage loan?

While the initial mortgage loan preapproval takes one to two business days, full approval for a mortgage takes between three and six weeks. The variance in time depends on the number of loans the l... Read More »

How long does take for a bank to kick you out of a home after you stop paying you mortgage?

This varies between banks and mortgage providers – some are very quick to go down the repossession route, whereas others will try and help you through a period of difficulty. Generally after you ... Read More »

What is an Item comment policy requested by mortgage company My mortgage company is requesting an updated policy but I live in a condo with a homeowners assoc.?

There are two kinds of insurance in a condominium community: a master policy that covers all the real estate assets owned in common, and an HO-6 policy that an individual owner carries to insure th... Read More »