Can a background check reveal an employer I don't have listed in Texas?

Answer After you give signed approval for a background check, an employer who is considering you for a new or higher security clearance position can request information about nearly any facet of your publ... Read More »

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What does a background check reveal?

Information commonly revealed during background checks include criminal convictions, driving records, medical records, drug test records, bankruptcy records, past employers, educational records, ch... Read More »

Will a background check reveal an arrest?

The answer to this question depends on the location and thoroughness of the background check. Depending on who's performing the check and the nature of the crime committed, a crime may or may not a... Read More »

How far back on a background check can an employer go?

An employer can go back as far as necessary to find out information relevant to the job that is being offered. In many cases, there are limitations to information contained on credit reports. Bankr... Read More »

Can an employer do a background check on an employee without their permission?

An employer cannot do a background check on a potential employee without said employee signing off on a sheet explicitly stating he or she is giving permission to have their background checked. Thi... Read More »