Can a baby suvive if it is born at 21 weeks?

Answer Answer 21 weeks is at the very lowest limit of survival, only one or two babies in the world have lived Each additional day adds to the baby's chances. Babies born under 28 weeks and living also ... Read More »

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Baby born at 32 weeks?

Can a baby born in 44 weeks?

I'm guessing that you mean at 44weeks gestation - i.e. a month 'overdue'. While it's not common for caregivers to be comfortable witha woman continuing beyond 41-42 weeks gestation, due to fears of... Read More »

Can a baby be born at 18 weeks?

A baby can be born at 18 weeks. However, he/she would not live. The earliest a baby could survive outside the womb is 21 weeks, and this is very, very rare.

Kan a baby be born at 31 weeks?

obviously you were to spell can like that...... :D