Can a baby sleep while having fever?

Answer Most of the time, baby can't sleep when they have a fever they just always wanted to carry by their parents specially by their mommies.. in that way they can sleep much better even they are sick :)

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Brother's having fever and uncalm sleep?

Is it safe to be active while having a fever?

It is advisable to take rest when one has fever

Can a flu shot be taken while having a fever?

It is recommended by the CDC that if you have an infection causing fever like a cold or the flu you might benefit to wait until you are over it before getting a flu shot or other vaccination. Your ... Read More »

Will having my baby sleep with me cause her to not sleep on her own?

On One Hand: Timing MattersIf you choose to transition your baby from your bed to her own, consider doing it by the time the child is 6 months old, advises the KidsHealth website. This is before th... Read More »