Can a baby live outside a womb at 15 weeks?

Answer I am afraid that is impossible.

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Can a baby live outside the womb after the 20 week of pregnancy?

Answer The age of viability is 24-26 weeks gestation, although a baby born that early will have some complications. A baby born at 20weeks gestation cannot survive outside of the womb; therefore, t... Read More »

Can a fetus survive outside the womb at 35 weeks?

Yes there's a chance of survival from the 6th month but the baby might need some time in a incubator.

Can a 23 week old fetus live outside the womb?

It has a chance and it will most likely bring complications.

At what week can a baby survive outside the womb?

According to the Mayo Clinic, a baby in utero can survive outside the womb as early as 23 to 26 weeks of gestation is possible. Babies born prior to 23 weeks of development are not strong enough or... Read More »