Can a baby get sick from eating poop?

Answer Answer A baby probably won't get sick from eating/digesting their own poop, after all, it came out of them. And the nutritional value is pretty low, they've already digested it once. They are much ... Read More »

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Can a baby get sick from eating cat poop?

Yes. A baby or anyone can. There are numerous parasites and diseases that can be transmitted in this way. One of them is toxoplasmosis.

How to Stop Dogs from Eating Dog Poop?

Dog Coprophagia is a prevalent problem in pet dogs. There are some simple techniques you can employ to stop this filthy and potentially dangerous problem.

Can you get sick from eating mussels?

You can get shellfish poisoning from eating mussels if they are contaminated, even if they have been thoroughly cooked. Additionally, any food can make you sick if it is prepared or stored improper... Read More »

How common is it for someone from Canada to get sick from eating American Food?

Even though American food is unhealthy, it's not common.