Can a baby die with infantile eczema?

Answer business ability, self disipline, and the ability to deal tactfully with patients and their families

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My youngest son (age 16) has eczema. Since he was a baby he's washed with Aveeno. He'd like something...?

My Brother has this problem and he finds simply having a bath with a lot of vinegar in the water very helpful, he also cuts out corn and maize in his diet.He made me worried sick once, when we were... Read More »

How do you cure baby eczema?

Answer Drawers and cabinets, both to prevent the child from getting possible dangerous things out of them, but to prevent them from pulling the items or drawers down on top of themselves. Anythin... Read More »

How to Cure Baby Eczema?

Find out how to cure baby eczema as well as tips on how to cure dyshidrotic eczema.

How to Treat Baby Eczema?

About 20% of parents of infants need to find new ways to treat baby eczema. The eczema is seen as a scaly or bumpy rash typically on the baby’s facial area. However, it has been known to spread t... Read More »