Can a baby contract chicken pox from breastfeeding from mother with shingles?

Answer Shes playing.

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I noticed the first symptoms of itchy spots on Dec 24th and by the 28th was diagnosed with shingles Held a young baby Jan 9th could baby catch chicken pox?

There is a possibility your baby caught ringworm from your cat. Keep your baby away from your cat's liter box.

Can I get shingles from chicken pox?

On One Hand: Shingles is Result of Chicken PoxOnly people who have had chicken pox in the past can develop shingles (herpes zoster). Shingles is caused by the same virus as chicken pox, the varicel... Read More »

Can you get shingles from chicken pox?

Anyone who has had chicken pox will continue to harbor the virusfor the rest of their life. This same virus which caused chicken poxearly in life can suddenly become active,usually later in life, a... Read More »

What damage can the mother incur from breastfeeding?

Breastfeeding is the act of allowing a baby to suckle at the breast to drink the mother's milk. In the process, unaccustomed to the vigorous pull and tug of the infant's suck, the nipples may becom... Read More »