Can a baby catch chicken pox?

Answer of course. Chicken pox is not deadly though and the immunization for it contains really disgusting ingredients including aborted fetus

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I noticed the first symptoms of itchy spots on Dec 24th and by the 28th was diagnosed with shingles Held a young baby Jan 9th could baby catch chicken pox?

There is a possibility your baby caught ringworm from your cat. Keep your baby away from your cat's liter box.

Can u catch chicken pox more than once?

The Chicken Pox virus is Herpes Zoster which can re-appear, usually as a cold sore, or shingles.

Can you catch Chicken Pox Twice?

Yes, it is possible. Especially if the first set was a mild case.Once you have chickenpox, you are considered immune; you will not have a serious infection again, but you may have a mild infection... Read More »

How to Catch a Chicken?

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