Can a baby be delivered through the rectum?

Answer if your into that kind of kinky stuff sure why not, they'll probably do anything for a buck down in Mexico

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When a baby born with no rectum what is the correct term for that and what may cause it?

It looks like it's called imperforate anus:

What happens when a baby gets delivered?

Let's see, a woman who is in labor pushes the baby out, usually with the excited dad coaching her on. Once the baby is out of the womb unless there is a very short cord the midwife or doctor lifts ... Read More »

What is your best LABOR memory, not including after your baby was delivered?

I had to have an emergency c-section for my son, and when the epidural anaesthetic failed to work I had to have a general, and ever since I've been adamant that I wasn't even there for his birth, b... Read More »

Banana up my rectum...?

Nope. It will just come out with regular stuff that comes out.