Can a baby be delivered through the rectum?

Answer if your into that kind of kinky stuff sure why not, they'll probably do anything for a buck down in Mexico

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Have you ever had a package delivered that didn't fit through the back door What did you do?

I think the back door, is actually designed as an Exit, and to deliver anything through it, a gross breach of etiquette! The front door is a far better option, as it is designed to be welcoming, an... Read More »

Approximately how many gallons of crude oil is delivered daily through Marathon Oil's pipelines?

Marathon Oil Corporation, according to their website, delivers more than 111 million gallons of crude oil and other petroleum products per day through their approximately 10,000 miles of owned or l... Read More »

What happens when a baby gets delivered?

Let's see, a woman who is in labor pushes the baby out, usually with the excited dad coaching her on. Once the baby is out of the womb unless there is a very short cord the midwife or doctor lifts ... Read More »

When a baby born with no rectum what is the correct term for that and what may cause it?

It looks like it's called imperforate anus: