Can a baby be born without the mother's water breaking?

Answer Yes my daughter was born today without the waters breaking the midwife said it was very unusual and very lucky , there is a name for it but it escapes me , if born into a fishermans family the chil... Read More »

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Your daughter is in jail and she just had a baby while in jail can social services put the baby up for adoption without the mothers permission?

They would likely first try to place the baby with a member of the mother's family, or a foster home.

Is it normal to give birth without your water breaking?

Giving birth with the amniotic sac intact is called a "veiled birth." It is very rare but it is possible. It is less painful because the water cushions the baby's head, meaning less bruising for bo... Read More »

Can a baby be born without a stomach?

I suggest you open the attached link and read. I think it might be helpful.

Could a baby be born without a brain?

Yes it is possible for a baby to be born without a brain, but it is very unlikely that the baby will live past childbirth