Can a aunt adopt their newborn nephew?

Answer Yes, if all parties are in agreement.

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Can an aunt adopt a nephew if the mother is unstable?

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Can an aunt adopt a 13-year-old nephew whose mother was an illegal immigrant and was sent back?

Answer Yes, they can. Anyone can adopt a child if they have no place to live and are currently enrolled in a school.Is the child a US citizen? If not,regular INS procedures will have to be followed... Read More »

What relation would a nephew be to his great aunt's son?

Your great aunt's son is a first cousin to one of your parents, and is your "first cousin once removed."

How does an aunt get custody of her nephew if he is in danger?

%REPLIES% Answer contact child protective services in you county. Answer In most states, the 'danger' would need to be established by appropriate authorities. Until then, the aunt would be seen- by... Read More »