Can a adopted child choose to live with there non biological parent?

Answer Of course.

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Can an adopted child choose to live with their biological parent instead of their adoptive parents?

Answer Once a person is adopted, all legal rights between the biological parents and their child are severed. An adopted child has no legal right to choose to live with their biological parents. Th... Read More »

If a same sex couple have a child together in Tn and the other one adopts the child if the biological parent dies does the adopted parent keep custody Can the biological parents family get custody?

Does a biological child have rights when a parent dies if they have been adopted?

When a child is put up for adoption it means the biological parent has given up all legal rights to the child. In the same way the child has no legal claim on the biological parents. The person tha... Read More »

Can a biological parent get a child after he is adopted if the father didn't know about it?

if you are the father you might be able to fight it but if not then no. You have signed away all your rights to the child. You are no longer their biological mother, or any other biological relative.