Can a Yanmar diesel burn 100 percent waste vegetable oil?

Answer Yanmar diesel engines have been run on 100 percent vegetable oil. But running the engine on vegetable oil is not likely covered under warranty. They also have been run on biodiesels.Source:DeiselBi... Read More »

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Can Waste Vegetable Oil Be Used as a Diesel Substitute?

Bio-diesel fuel can be derived from organic sources like used vegetable oil. According to Penn State University, waste vegetable oil can be used as a diesel substitute. Some engine modifications a... Read More »

How to Turn Your Vegetable Oil Waste Into Diesel?

Your vegetable oil waste can be used to run a diesel car. It is an innovative way to cut off fossil fuel consumption. What is needed is to collect fried and used oil, normally available in local ... Read More »

Which Diesel Vehicles Can Burn Vegetable Oil?

In a general sense, any diesel engine can operate on straight vegetable oil (SVO). The problem is that vegetable oil has a much higher viscosity level than diesel fuel and, under normal circumstanc... Read More »

How to Set Yanmar Diesel Valves?

Yanmar diesel engines are popular for recreational use, especially in the sailboat sector. Their light weight and ease of maintenance makes them ideal for vessels between 28 and 40 feet long. Prope... Read More »