Can a Xerox Documate 152 scanner be used with a Mac If so, how?

Answer Yes, but you may need to download and install the drivers for it from the Xerox website. You can use Preview for scanning, or if you have Photoshop there will likely be a plugin that will allow you... Read More »

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Does Xerox DocuMate 152 work with Vista?

The Xerox DocuMate 152 is fully compatible with Windows Vista, as well as Windows 2000 and XP. A minimum of 1GB of RAM is necessary for use with Windows Xerox Do... Read More »

How to scan a passport size photo using canon printer, scanner *** xerox machine without A4 size?

Unfortunately, my friend, you don't. If it's loaded with A4 sized paper, this is the only size that will come out of the machine.

Will Xerox Phaser 860 ink work in my Xerox Phaser 850?

You cannot use Xerox Phaser 860 ink in a Xerox Phase 850. The printer cartridges are not the same and using the 860 ink in an 850 can damage your printer, and will not print properly as well. You c... Read More »

What happens when you xerox a mirror?

I remember doing this with a Black & White photocopier back in high school. It resulted in a white page with the odd black speckles.Most modern Xerox machines work like a Scanner & Printer combina... Read More »