Can a Wool Coat Be Worn in the Rain?

Answer Wool coats have a variety of benefits over other natural fiber or synthetic coats. You can wear one in the rain without worry, so long as you give it the proper care once you're out of the rain.

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Anyone remember a kids programme on C4 late 80's about a little girl who lives with her older sister and parents In the opening she in the rain wearing a yellow rain coat?

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How do you clean a wool coat?

If it's expensive, you should invest the money in dry cleaning it to keep it clean and well taken care of. It won't cost that much, in comparison to keeping your coat in good shape. They can also t... Read More »

How to Wash a Wool Coat?

Wool coats are warm and resilient and will last for years with proper care. Usually, wool coats should be cleaned once or twice per year, depending how often you wear them. Read the care tag before... Read More »

How to Use Rain X on Gel-Coat?

Rain X makes cleaning products for autos and vehicles. The company offers a wide variety of products, including its Wash and Wax formula designed to wash and clean all vehicle surfaces, including a... Read More »