Can a Vit. D deficiency cause an elevated A1C?

Answer There is still limited evidence suggesting a relationship between the two. With an A1C of 6.9, you are not just "insulin resistant." You have type 2 diabetes.Please define what you mean by a 'low c... Read More »

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What does elevated organic acids and elevated triglycerides result in newborns mean?

Sexual development before the age of eight in girls, and age 10 in boys.

Elevated EBV VCA AB IGG and elevated EBV NUC AG AB and meaning or diagnosis?

EBV is the Epstein Barr Virus, which is the cause of glandular fever (mono). Most people get infected with this at some stage in their lives (usually without symptoms), and carry antibodies for the... Read More »

Can HIV cause an IgM deficiency?

IgM helps the body fight infection. HIV does not cause a decrease in IgM. However, other pre-existing or co-existing diseases, such as leukemia (blood cancers) can cause reduction in IgM in an HIV ... Read More »

What is G6P deficiency?

Glucose 6 phosphate dehydrogenase is an enzyme necessary for the metabolism of red blood cells. Its deficiency leads to hemolytic anemia usually triggered by exposure to some drugs.