Can a USER customized the Time that a FILE can spend inside the RECYCLE BIN (Windows Recycle Bin)?

Answer You did not state which version of the Windows operating system. But there really is no way to set a time limit with the typical Windows environment. You will need to find a Third-Party applicati... Read More »

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Ok, so i wanted to uninstall a program. so i deleted it into my recycle bin, then i emptied the recycle bin.?

No, you have to go to control panel and go to add and remove programs, that will fully uninstall any program that they list.

How do I restore a Recycle Bin file?

Open Recycle BinOpen the Recycle Bin by double-clicking its icon on the desktop.Select the FileLocate the file you deleted that you want to restore. Click it once to highlight it.Restore the FileRi... Read More »

How do you delete a file without it going to the recycle bin?

Don't make it easy for yourself. But you can use the Command Prompt to delete a file. Let's say that when you open Command Prompt, it apears like this: Just use the DEL command. Microsoft Window... Read More »

Is all file in recycle bin permenetly deleted?

no there are not permenatly deleteIf you want to erase fileles permanently clean and sure you could use a program like file shredder… free oreast-tec era... Read More »