Can a USB connection be used for a cable modem?

Answer On One Hand: USB ConnectionCable modems are equipped to connect a computer to the Internet through a USB (universal serial bus) port. However, some users may have issues with slow processor speeds ... Read More »

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What is a cable modem connection?

A cable modem connection allows a computer to access the Internet at high speeds through the cable line. The connection is constant and no dialing in is required.CableBroadband, or high-speed Inter... Read More »

How to Test a Cable Modem for a Slow Connection?

A slow Internet connection can be frustrating. Several free utilities, such as, can easily test the cable modem's speed. This can help determine whether the problem resides on your co... Read More »

Can Ubuntu configure a USB cable modem connection?

Ubuntu Linux can configure a USB cable modem and will support your Internet should you choose to configure it that way. If Ubuntu Linux doesn't detect your modem right away, you may need to search ... Read More »

What is the difference between a cable modem and a broadband connection?

A cable modem is a type of broadband connection.