Can a TV tuner card work as a satellite receiver?

Answer The KWorld DVB-S 100 digital Video Satellite TV Card is an example of a TV tuner card that works with digital satellite TV. It plugs into a free PCI slot, so you cannot only watch programs, but rec... Read More »

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Do I need a TV tuner card to watch satellite TV on my PC?

You will need a TV tuner card to receive digital and analog television signals on your PC. According to Microsoft, you cannot watch satellite TV on your computer without it. You can add a tuner car... Read More »

Can my sky satellite receiver work in the USA?

Sky satellite receivers work only with the Sky TV multi-channel television service in the UK, Ireland and Spain. These satellite receivers do not function on any U.S.-based cable or satellite netwo... Read More »

Can one satellite receiver work on more than one TV?

Technically, one satellite receiver can be connected to more than one television. Simple splitters, available at most electronics stores, can help you share the signal between two sets. However, yo... Read More »

What is Dreambox satellite receiver and how does it work?

Dreambox satellite receiver is a set top box which is used to receive satellite TV programs, if you have a HD TV set, a dreambox satellite receiver and a disk antenna, connect the disk antenna with... Read More »