How to Run Away and Live in the Wild?

Answer hello, If you are reading this, you're are thinking of running away. i can't say "good idea" or "you should do it" but it helped me escape the current rat race, the cement jungle. if you feel as i ... Read More »

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Where do turtles live in the wild?

As many as 48 different species of turtles exist in the wild in North America, living in both aquatic and terrestrial habitats. Turtles can exist in the sea, ponds, lakes, swamps, rivers, wetlands ... Read More »

Where do peacocks live in the wild?

The blue or Indian peacock, the most recognizable peacock species, is native to India and Sri Lanka. The green peacock is native to Java and Myanmar. A third relatively little-known species of peac... Read More »

Where Do Lions Live in the Wild?

Lions live in the wild in just a few places in the world. A number live in various countries throughout sub-Saharan Africa, and a very small population lives in the Gir Forest in India.Source:Histo... Read More »

Where do wild donkeys live?

Modern donkeys originated in the deserts of North Africa, where the rare African Wild Ass can still sometimes be found. Today, wild donkeys typically live in hot, dry grasslands, but can also survi... Read More »