Can a Sheriff Sale Be Stopped With a Bankruptcy?

Answer A sheriff's sale is a scary thing to have looming on the horizon. Whether your mortgage company has foreclosed on your house or other creditors have placed liens on your personal property, a sherif... Read More »

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What is a sheriff sale?

A foreclosure occurs when an individual is unable to repay the money that they borrowed from a mortgage company or a bank. During the foreclosure process, the bank or mortgage company regains poss... Read More »

How to Find REO Properties Immediately After Sheriff Sale?

"Real Estate Owned" properties are bank-owned or mortgage-lender owned properties that have gone through foreclosure and subsequently failed to sell at either a foreclosure sale or auction. Thus ow... Read More »

How to Convert Chapter 13 to Chapter 7 and Stop a Sheriff Sale?

Many debtors in danger of losing their homes file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Chapter 13 bankruptcy requires debtors to enter a debt repayment plan that will last either three or five years. These d... Read More »

Can a bankruptcy filing postpone the foreclosure sale of a home?

On One Hand: Automatic StayThe instant you file your bankruptcy petition, the law automatically imposes an "automatic stay." The automatic stay forbids any of your creditors, including the bank or ... Read More »