Can a Sheriff Sale Be Stopped With a Bankruptcy?

Answer A sheriff's sale is a scary thing to have looming on the horizon. Whether your mortgage company has foreclosed on your house or other creditors have placed liens on your personal property, a sherif... Read More »

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What is a sheriff sale?

A foreclosure occurs when an individual is unable to repay the money that they borrowed from a mortgage company or a bank. During the foreclosure process, the bank or mortgage company regains poss... Read More »

What Happens at a Sheriff's Sale?

Sheriff sale is a term used to refer to public property auctions and it is usually the last step taken in the foreclosure process. This occurs when a homeowner has completely finished all the optio... Read More »

The Difference Between a Foreclosure & a Sheriff's Sale?

A foreclosure sale and a sheriff's sale both refer to a foreclosed property auction where the lender attempts to recover debt unpaid by the defaulting party. The difference is that, while a foreclo... Read More »

What happens after a sheriff's sale of a foreclosed property?

Once a sheriff's sale is complete, several transactions need to take place. The new owner will need to complete paperwork and take ownership of the property.Confirm BidThe winning bidder needs to s... Read More »