Can a Sears gift card be used at Kmart?

Answer According to Sears customer service, a Sears gift card can be used at KMart and a KMart gift card can be used at Sears, without restriction. Gift cards for either store can be purchased at both sto... Read More »

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Is a Sears gift card accepted at Lands'End?

Lands' End accepts gift cards from both Sears and Kmart as long as you can provide the 16-digit gift card number and an 8-digit PIN. Those cards without an 8-digit PIN are not accepted by Lands' En... Read More »

Does Kmart own Sears?

Kmart does not own Sears. Both Sears and Kmart are subsidiaries of Sears Holdings Corporation. Sears Holdings Corporation is based in Illinois and was formed in 2005. It is the fourth-largest retai... Read More »

Does Sears own Kmart?

Kmart bought Sears Roebuck for $11 billion just 18 months after Kmart emerged from bankruptcy protection. The purchase created a combined chain of 3,500 stores under the umbrella name of Sears Hold... Read More »

When did sears purchase kmart?

Sears and Kmart merged in March 2005 to form the new retail company called Sears Holdings Corporation. Although Sears and Kmart continue to operate separate retail brands, their stock is sold on NA... Read More »