Can a SD card be used in a USB port?

Answer An SD card can only be connected directly to a USB port if it has a built-in USB connector. This type of card can be folded on a hinge to expose the adapter, which plugs into a USB port. If an SD c... Read More »

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Can an SD card be used in a usb port?

SD cards cannot be used in a USB port without card reading adapters, as they are not standalone devices. The only way an SD card can be connected to a computer is with the use of a card reading ada... Read More »

What's the third port on my video card for?

What is a PCMCIA eSATA port card?

A PCMCIA eSATA port card is a card for notebook users who need to use external hard drives but want better performance than that offered by USB. These cards slide into a notebook computer's empty ... Read More »

What's the differnce between a firewire card and a usb port?

FireWire and USB are two similar but different technologies. FireWire, which is Apple Computer's name for IEEE1394 standard ports, is a high-speed serial data interface that works at speeds up to 8... Read More »