Can a SD card be used in a USB port?

Answer An SD card can only be connected directly to a USB port if it has a built-in USB connector. This type of card can be folded on a hinge to expose the adapter, which plugs into a USB port. If an SD c... Read More »

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Can an SD card be used in a usb port?

SD cards cannot be used in a USB port without card reading adapters, as they are not standalone devices. The only way an SD card can be connected to a computer is with the use of a card reading ada... Read More »

Can a mic be used in a diamond 7.1 sound card aux port?

It is possible to plug a microphone into the auxiliary line input of a Diamond 7.1 channel sound card. However, microphones send signals with relatively low amplitudes, so microphone inputs--unlike... Read More »

Zte chorus memory card port?

It is best to try your support site or your owners manual for help, this site has owners manuals and service manuals, that will answer most question. This site will help with problems, http://www... Read More »

What port is used by Cisco VPN?

According to the IT department at Rutgers University, the Cisco VPN web client uses Port Number 10000. A person who wants to use the client will have to forward Port 10000 from their router to thei... Read More »