Can a SBC Vacuum Leak Cause Overheating?

Answer SBC stands for Small Block Chevy engine, a quick abbreviation used by manufacturers, engineers and mechanics when referring to more exact specifications of auto engines. These engines are typically... Read More »

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How to fix vacuum Ii have a Meile that shuts off by itself. I am asuming it is overheating.?

Your vacuum cleaner needs It's filters changing. The same in-built feature is also incorporated into most, if not all, Dyson Vac' cleaners. Where they not to do so, then electrical failure would en... Read More »

Can weak fuel pressure cause overheating?

Fuel pressure that is too low will not cause overheating. However, it can result in rough idling, hesitation, weak and slow acceleration, "lean misfire," stalling and an increase in hydrocarbon emi... Read More »

Can Lean Fuel Mixture Cause Overheating?

Modern engines use various checks and balances to adjust the fuel-to-air ratio inside the combustion chambers. If the engine manages this ratio poorly, many problems can arise---including permanent... Read More »

What kind of problems can overheating cause to a laptop?

Your fan might have a lot of dust in it. I've burnt out 2 laptops already, they have gone to laptop heaven :(…