Can a SBC Vacuum Leak Cause Overheating?

Answer SBC stands for Small Block Chevy engine, a quick abbreviation used by manufacturers, engineers and mechanics when referring to more exact specifications of auto engines. These engines are typically... Read More »

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How to fix vacuum Ii have a Meile that shuts off by itself. I am asuming it is overheating.?

Your vacuum cleaner needs It's filters changing. The same in-built feature is also incorporated into most, if not all, Dyson Vac' cleaners. Where they not to do so, then electrical failure would en... Read More »

What is a car vacuum leak?

Almost all cars use the vacuum created by a running engine to run or assist some vital system. This works well under normal circumstances, but does create multiple opportunities for malfunction.Va... Read More »

How to Fix a Vacuum Leak?

If your vehicle is running rough and you suspect or have found a vacuum leak in the vacuum line, it's best to replace the line.This article will give an example of how to perform this task.

How to Troubleshoot a Vacuum Leak in a Car?

The internal combustion engine functions as a sealed container of controlled explosions. The engine requires air (oxygen) for combustion, drawing it in through air an filtering source. Sometimes ex... Read More »