Can a Proair HFA inhaler affect the eyes?

Answer Proair HFA inhalers, have not been reported for side effects related to the eye. Of course, this is an oral medication, and not meant to be near or in the eyes. If you do spray this medicine in you... Read More »

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How does diabetes affect your eyes?

Diabetes can rob its sufferers of their vision by destroying blood vessels in the eyes and damaging the retina. Diabetes patients must take proper preventative measures to preserve their eyesight.D... Read More »

Does sleep affect your eyes?

Yes that's usually the first sign of lack of sleep.

How Does Eyeshadow Affect the Color and Shape of the Eyes?

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Can acid reflux affect the face&eyes?

On One Hand: Sinus Cavity InvolvementThe esophagus has a sphincter muscle on both ends. When the lower sphincter malfunctions, acid from the stomach enters the esophagus. If the top muscle also mal... Read More »