Can a Pentium 4 CPU work in a motherboard with a Pentium 3 socket?

Answer A Pentium 4 CPU cannot fit in a motherboard designed for Pentium III processors. Whereas a Pentium III motherboard has a 370-pin PGA370 socket, Pentium 4 processors have many more pins. Early Penti... Read More »

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Will a Pentium III work in my Socket 370 Celeron motherboard?

A Socket 370 Celeron motherboard supports four types of Pentium III processors--the Coppermine Series FC-PGA and FC-PGA2, the Coppermine-T Series and the Tualatin Series FC-PGA2. A Socket 370 Celer... Read More »

Will a Pentium dual core CPU work with an ECS RS400-A motherboard?

The ECS RS400-A motherboard is not certified to support the Intel Pentium D processor. ECS has tested the motherboard and certified it to support Socket 775-based Pentium 4 and Celeron D processors... Read More »

Will a Pentium 2 work in a Pentium 3 slot?

Some Intel Pentium III CPUs use the Slot 1 configuration originally designed for the Pentium II and will support Pentium II CPUs. However, not all Pentium III CPUs are slot types. There are version... Read More »

Is the Pentium Dual Core processor stronger than a Pentium 4?

According to the PassMark benchmark result database, which shows average scores obtained from over 200,000 tested computers, the Intel Pentium Dual-Core achieves higher scores in benchmarks than th... Read More »