Can a PC Card slot be used for wireless?

Answer The PC Card slot--also known as the PCMCIA or Cardbus slot--in a laptop can be used for a wireless card. Most companies that make wireless equipment for computers have at least one PC Card wireless... Read More »

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What is the SD card slot in the Wii game console used for?

The SD card slot in the Wii is used for SD and SDHC (only for Wii Menu 4.0 or higher) cards. SD and SDHC cards are data storage devices that can be used to save such things as Wii channel applicati... Read More »

Can a PCI Express video card be used in a standard PCI motherboard slot?

What is a wireless LAN card used for?

A wireless local area network card can be used to connect multiple LAN-ready devices, such as laptops or gaming consoles, to one network. Once connected, these devices can share files or connect ap... Read More »

Can a Sony wireless card be used in desktop computers?

The Sony wireless card is in the PC Card (PCMCIA) format, which is normally not compatible with the ports on desktop computers. The use of a PCI to PCMCIA adapter is required to use any PC Card in... Read More »