Can a PC Card slot be used for wireless?

Answer The PC Card slot--also known as the PCMCIA or Cardbus slot--in a laptop can be used for a wireless card. Most companies that make wireless equipment for computers have at least one PC Card wireless... Read More »

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How to Use SD in an MMC Card Slot?

MMC cards are slightly larger than the newer SD memory cards. However, if your computer has a built in MMC Card reader but you find yourself using SD cards in your digital devices you may want to c... Read More »

Where is the SD card slot on the G1?

The microSD slot for the T-Mobile G1 model cell phone is under the green "Call" button in the bottom left corner of the unit. With the screen open, pull the tray out of the phone with your fingerna... Read More »

Can a PCI card fit in PCI-X slot?

In most cases, a PCI card can fit in a PCI-X slot. PCI-X is a higher performance version of PCI, intended to be used with high-speed expansion cards such as gigabit Ethernet adapters. PCI-X is desi... Read More »

Does the LG Vu have a SD card slot?

Yes, the LG Vu has a SD card slot. The LG Vu accepts Micro SD cards for added memory storage to be used with music and/or other types of media data on your mobile device.References:AT&T Cell Phones... Read More »