Can a Over weight person be Beautiful?

Answer Absolutely they can...I'm not into big people, but they can be beautiful

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If you're a beautiful person, what are the pro's and cons of being beautiful?

During High school and college I was pretty hot. I was popular and well-rounded. I was 110 lbs, green eyes, tan and light brown hair that went to my waist. I was more into fashion then and had gr... Read More »

How to Be a Beautiful Person?

Do you want to feel really beautiful and confident on the inside? This article provides some pointers on the qualities of a beautiful person from the inside.

What makes a person's face beautiful or attractive to you?

Having a perfectly symmetrical face makes someone attractive, apparently. As for me, I'm not sure, the people I find attractive a lot of other people find unattractive. It's all subjective. Beau... Read More »

In your opinion who is the most beautiful person in the world,provide a pic?

Bill Kaulitz!!!!…or Cristiano Ronaldo!!!…you can type either one of their names into google. bill kaulitz's band... Read More »