Can a Motorola Razr charger work on a Motorola Q?

Answer Many modern Motorola chargers are compatible with multiple Motorola cell phones. You can use the Motorola RAZR charger to charge your Motorola Q, or even use the same generic charger for both phone... Read More »

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How long does it take to charge up a Motorola RAZR with the AC charger?

The rechargeable battery of the Motorola RAZR can be fully charged in approximately two to three hours when using the supplied AC wall charger. On its website, Motorola notes that if you are using ... Read More »

Will the Motorola RAZR phone work in Germany?

Some Motorola RAZR cell phones can operate in Germany while others cannot. This is because Germany only uses the GSM 900, 1800 and 3G frequency bands. For example, the GSM quad band MOTORAZR V3 is ... Read More »

How to Set Up Voicemail on the Motorola Razr?

You press and hold the voicemail key on your RAZR, and nothing happens, or it dials the wrong number. When you buy a locked Motorola RAZR from a carrier, the voicemail number is already programmed ... Read More »

Can you charge a Motorola Razr off of a PS3?

Motorola Razr owners cannot charge their cell phones on a PlayStation 3. According to, a computer can charge a Razr through a mini USB cable, but it needs special software to do so. Sinc... Read More »