Can a Motorcycle License Affect My Insurance Policy?

Answer In most states, motorcycle licensing and insurance requirements mirror the state's driver licensing and insurance requirements. Most states require drivers to secure and maintain a valid driver's l... Read More »

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Does having motorcycle insurance affect your auto insurance?

That Depends..... Motorcycle policies and auto policies are mutually exclusive meaning there is no coverage on an auto policy for motorcycles and vice versa. They are separate policies and each co... Read More »

If a car has only storage insurance on it and someone else drives it can the person who has the insurance policy be held responsible and will it affect that person's insurance?

Answer I'm assuming that "someone else" had an accident while driving this un-insured car, and that person should be held responsibility. However, if they have no assets, responsibility will fall o... Read More »

Does an open insurance policy that has not settled affect your credit?

If the insurance company owes you money, it will have no effect on your credit record. If you owe the insurance company money and they have reported it, it will affect your credit record just like ... Read More »

Can you get an auto insurance policy if your license is suspended?

InsuranceSo long as That driver was not excluded from coverage, then Yes, that driver would be covered under a standard Texas Auto Policy.