Can a Mom get in trouble if a child refuses to go to visitation of the father?

Answer Yes she most certainly can, especially in Indiana. Indiana state law says that until a child has reached the age of 18 they do not have the right to decide whether they are going to visit the non c... Read More »

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If a father refuses to return child to mother after visitation time what can be done?

Answer If you have a court ordered agreement, you can follow up from there. More Input What action can be taken to have the child returned depends totally upon the custodial arrangement. If the pa... Read More »

If the mother of a child has sole custody and the father has visitation rights can she give the child away to someone else besides the father without the fathers consent?

Answer No she can't. If her ex is a good man and a good father when he has visitation rights then she has no right to tear the child away from him. He can fight it in a court of law. Before one act... Read More »

How can an unmarried mother get her child returned to her after the biological father not a legal father refuses to return the child to her mother after a visit?

What are your options when your ex-wife violates a court order and refuses to release your child to you for visitation?

Answer The parent being refused visitation should contact the attorney who handled the custodial case. If there was not legal counsel they should call the clerk or the court where the visitation o... Read More »