Can a Mac be networked with a PC?

Answer Yes, a Windows network can add a Mac. To connect wirelessly, a Mac requires an Airport wireless card and a wireless router plus configuration through the "Network Utility" dialog of the "Utilities"... Read More »

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How to Get Free Printing at University/School/Any Place With a Networked Printer?

Most university and school students hate to pay for printer credit especially when its a networked printer.This article will help solve the problem.

How do i set up a networked printer?

Self-setupTake the printer out of the box and make sure all packing material and tape are removed. Plug the printer’s power plug into an outlet. Connect a network cable to the printer if it is a ... Read More »

How to Burn CDs on a Networked Drive?

You can share optical drives across a network so computers without a particular drive type can make use of network resources. If your computer does not have a CD burner but another computer on the ... Read More »

How to View Files on a Networked Computer?

In order to view files on a networked computer, you need to be logged into a user account that has been assigned the correct permissions and have access to the location where the files are stored o... Read More »