Can a Keurig be cleaned with coffee maker cleaner?

Answer According to Keurig, coffee maker cleaning liquid should not be used in the appliance. To remove mineral build-up, run a de-scaling cycle using white vinegar instead of water. The appliance will pr... Read More »

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How to Use Your AeroPress With Your Keurig Style Coffee Maker?

Making your coffeeYou have a Keurig coffee maker, and an AeroPress. This article will show you how you can use them both together!

Which is better...Keurig or Cuisnart single serve coffee maker?

I had a Keurig and it burned out after a year. I bought the Cuisinart because it had a three year warranty. Just before the three year warranty was up the Cuisinart started to leak from the reservo... Read More »

Is the quality of coffee for Keurig K-Cup Brewers weaker than that of traditionally brewed coffee?

Hi, I am absolutely a fan of my keurig espresso machine. It is one of the best single cup coffee maker you can buy. Of course it is not cheap to use these k-cups but if you try a cup of it using yo... Read More »

Whats the best way to prepare coffee with no coffee maker ?

Cowboy coffee: toss a handful of ground coffee in a pot of boiling water, simmer until desired strength, strain into cup.