Can a Keogh Be Rolled Over to a SEP IRA?

Answer According to Thomson's continuing professional education course on small employer retirement plans, "The term Keogh is now used to refer to any plan that covers at least one self-employed individua... Read More »

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Rolled my ankle, all I get is "get over it"?

Personally, I have done the same thing many times. The if you go to a hospital (which I suggest you do) they will give you some anti-inflammatory pills and wrap it or give you a brace then suggest ... Read More »

Can an IRA be rolled over to a 401k?

Individual retirement accounts (IRAs) can be rolled over into a 401k plan as long as the specific 401k accepts those rollovers. Some 401k plans choose not to accept IRA rollover funds.References:IR... Read More »

Can inheritance be rolled over into an IRA?

Inheriting money is a gift that can come with high tax consequences. As of 2009 estate tax rates, top-tier estates will pay as much as 45 percent of the estate value in transfer taxes. While 2010 m... Read More »

Can IRAs be rolled over to a 401k?

The Internal Revenue Service permits IRA funds to be rolled over to a 401k plan. However, it is up to each individual 401k plan to determine whether it will accept such rollovers.References:IRS: Ro... Read More »