Can a Hitachi DZ-HS500A camcorder be also used as a webcam?

Answer No. Won't work.

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Are there any HDD Camcorders available that also can be used as a Webcam?

According to the specs lists in the review for the JVC Everio GZ-MG505, it does support USB streaming -…You can download the owners manual here - http://b... Read More »

Directions for a Hitachi DVD Camcorder?

The Hitachi DVD camcorder is a home user video camera that captures and stores the recorded information onto a mini DVD. This disc is roughly a third of the size of a standard DVD and holds likewis... Read More »

Hitachi Hybrid Camcorder Instructions?

The Hitachi Hybrid video camera is a device that provides recording capabilities on both a hard drive or a miniDVD. This allows you to switch recording formats, depending on what is easiest at the ... Read More »

Hitachi DZHV595E good camcorder?

Hi Koffi,Hitachi isn't the first brand that comes to mind choosinga camcorder but after checking it out it seems a goodcam to me, considering it's price.…h... Read More »