Can a HOA enforce a renter agreement clause not in violation of HOA bylaws?

Answer At this level of legality and complexity, your association attorney should be involved. Essentially, the owner is responsible for enforcing the rental agreement. If the owner is in violation of the... Read More »

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How to Enforce an Agreement?

Contracts, also called agreements, affect a large range of situations and circumstances. At its basic manifestation, a contract is a formal agreement, typically written down in a document, that exp... Read More »

What is an arbitration clause in an agreement?

An arbitration clause is a provision by which the parties to an agreement waive their right to sue in a court of law, deciding, instead, to submit any disagreement to binding arbitration. The arbit... Read More »

Can a homeowners association establish new bylaws would these bylaws have to be added to the original deeds for each unit?

Generally, yes. The right to amend bylaws or establish new bylaws is usually reserved in the documents that created the condominium and its HOA. Those documents should outline the procedure. As to ... Read More »

Renter involved in marijuana growing in house does my policy cover police damage and renter damage?

I am renting a trailer and a limb falls on my vehicle while parked on the property who is responsible for the damages