Can a HID bulb work in a standard light socket?

Answer No. An hid bulb has a transformer (ballast) that produces a certain voltage needed to fire the gas in that lamp.

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I was replacing a light bulb, when the bulb blew off the metal top,which is stuck in the socket. Now what?

Cut off the power and use needle-nose plyers.Spray the new bulb's metal part with wd-40 for easy removal next time.

How can a broken light bulb be removed from the light socket?

Turn off the power, cut a potato in half and jam it up into the broken bulb. Now turn the potato counter clock wise and it will screw right out.

Will CE Standard Body work with us standard socket?

Yes.iPhone & iPhone 3G- Bluetooth 2.0 + EDRiPhone 3GS- Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR

What is the best way to get a broken light bulb out of the socket?

Shut off the power. Cut a potato in half. Stick one of the cut edges onto the protruding glass edges of the lightbulb. Turn it counter clockwise and keep turning till the bulb is out of its socket.