Can a HD Plasma set not be digital ready/?

Answer All HDTV can receive a digital signal. Some may not have a digital tuner built in, in which case you will need either a digital cable/satellite box or a digital tuner to receive over the air broad... Read More »

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How to Know if You Are Ready for the Converstion to Digital TV?

Do you know if you are ready for the conversion to digital television?

Does a digital ready tv needs a converter box?

No. If you already have a digital TV, when the digital transition occurs in February 2009, you will still receive broadcast signals from your antenna. There is no need to purchase additional equipm... Read More »

Are you ready for the digital switch over?

Yes.Bought a High Definition TV a couple of months ago for the Olympics.Then added the Humax HD Receiver watch in High Definition.Sport and Movies are astoundi... Read More »

\Why are you not ready for digital television yet?

cuz your goat has not came over to convert all the electronic thingys yet!!!