Can a Garmin 60CSx be used in a car?

Answer On One Hand: Garmin 60CSx Is a Handheld NavigatorThe Garmin 60CSx is a hand-held GPS Navigator. With its detailed mapping system, it can provide users with topographic maps, city streets and nautic... Read More »

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How to Delete All Waypoints from a Garmin 60CSX?

Garmin 60CSX allows users to store waypoints in the memory of the unit. Waypoints are locations that the user opts to keep on the system in order to quickly pull up the spot. Since waypoints use up... Read More »

Can a Garmin 260 be used in Argentina?

No, Garmin devices are not preloaded with maps of any South American countries, so your Garmin 260 won't function in Argentina. Some models of the 260 do include maps of Mexico, however.References:... Read More »

Can the Garmin nuvi 250 be used for geocaching?

The Garmin nuvi 250 is a GPS unit to assist drivers or bikers find their way to a specific address or prominent location only. The Garmin nuvi 250 does not have capability to input latitude and lon... Read More »

Can the Garmin nuvi 255 be used for geocaching?

Yes, the Garmin nuvi 255 (also known as the Garmin series 205 and 205W series) has the ability to input latitude and longtitude coordinates, which are necessary when looking for a geocache. This mo... Read More »